Who am I?

Lisa Marie Schwartz, RN, LMT and SHINE coach

I spent much of my younger years despising myself, becoming a prisoner of my own construction. It was hell. After a lot of time doing therapy and possessing a Herculean determination, I began a journey toward self acceptance and self love. Somewhere inside, I knew there had to be a way to live differently and thankfully, today, I feel freedom from that old way of living in self hatred. I have a hunch many people, especially women my own age, subscribe to hating themselves and their bodies and it breaks my heart to think of the pain are in.

I am a SHINE coach and I work with people who desire finding ways to live fuller lives; those who want to discover what they’re really made of and then take that realization and become more of the person they are meant to be.

Who Am I? At heart I am a cheerleader and when it’s needed a serious ass-kicker. I’m a nurse, a dancer, a soul tender, a massage therapist, a writer, a sister, daughter, aunt and friend. Also, I am a regular exerciser, a soul explorer, a dog lover and a deep feeling woman who is sometimes shy but who is also bold and brave.

I am the witness to the excavation of your brave, shiny soul.

Come join me as we explore the ways in which you might begin your own journey toward loving yourself more. This… is where freedom resides.