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Our time together is created expressly for your specific needs and desires. I work with folks via Skype so no matter where you live we can do sessions together.  I like to start by having a free 30 minute phone experience where we decide if we are a fit for one another. If we decide we want to work together, I offer a few pricing choices: One hour individual sessions for $100, 4 session packages for $375 and 8 session packages for $750. Your sessions can be used in a way that is suited to your needs – it could be one a week, every other week, or one a month – as long as we use them in 4 months time, I am open to creative scheduling. Here are some of the things I can offer you in our work together:

Sessions Available

Now is your time to shine

Health and Wellness

If you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything. Do you need assistance with getting your eating on track? Let’s figure out how to get you back on your path. Do you have health issues that you are concerned about and want help with? Allow me to help you decide what is the best choice for you and your body. Do you want support with creating and sustaining a movement (I prefer this word over exercise :-)) program and to be held accountable for your actions? I can do that with you. Movement can become as normal for you as brushing  your teeth. I want you to feel what that’s like and to reap the benefits of moving your body everyday and doing it with excitement.

Relationship With Food

Food. Ahhhhh. Food. You knew it had to be here right? Do you live in a diet/ calorie/ measuring/ point counting world and has it become hell for you? We can focus here to find gentle ways to look at how you can begin to make peace with food and be a person who LOVES to eat and to do it with awareness and compassion.

Loving yourself and your age

If you feel you’re too old to change, shine or feel excited about your life, oh my this is your time. You ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY deserve to wake up every single morning with a desire to learn, grow and feel ALIVE. You, my dear, fellow middle aged sister, have lived so much and have so much wisdom. If this is the area that is calling to you, I promise you that my goal is to help you want to yell from the top of a building: “I am fill in the blank years old and I’ve earned every wrinkle and every year I’ve lived. I love who I am and I’m proud of my age!!!” Every cell of you deserves this. Period. It’s time to bring back the shine you once had in your eyes.

Get Your Shine On

I am in the business of helping people SHINE more in their lives. I do that in any, and I mean any, area of your life. Where do you feel dull? Where can you add more excitement or more vibrancy? Find it and we will work on it.

It is your time to shine my friend so LET’S. GET. SHINING.

Are you a brave soul???

We are all brave. Your life and your own personal story is flooded with brave acts that have made you the courageous person you are today. I want to support you in becoming bigger and braver in your life. Whatever you desire more of, let’s focus on that. Let’s bring those quiet little whispers of dreams out and show them to the world. You have gifts you were brought here to share and it’s time you starting doing just that. GET YOUR BRAVE ON!!!!

Body Image Focus

You deserve to love your body. Got that?????  Every single part of it. From your hair to your toenails. Let’s find and change the consistent thought patterns you have that are keeping you from loving your amazing, capable body and transform those thoughts into ones of admiration and respect. This, my love, is so deeply important for your life. There is freedom here. Trust me on this.


1. to give forth or glow with light.
2. to be bright with reflected light; glisten; sparkle

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