Owning it

I’m a late bloomer. I think I remember it being a Virgo trait. I think. My work life has been through so many transformations I’ve lost count and I’m still not done. Marriage has not been in the cards for me, thus far, and I’m 59. Making peace with my body and eating is a work in progress but I have walked a million miles with this issue and I am closer to freedom than I’ve ever been. Inhabiting the woman I have always imagined lived inside of me is happening more and more. Better late than never as the saying goes.

It’s never too late to become who you are meant to be. It’s never too late to fit into yourself like that favorite pair of jeans that slip right on in just the perfect, never felt better, way that is so comfortable you almost don’t want to take them off. In other words, it’s never too late to own it. To own who you are, to do what you were born to do and when you find it, to wear it like it was custom made for you.

A few months ago I had the realization that I am a very deep and profound woman. It’s my truth, it’s in my cells, it’s who I am. There is no denying this reality. When I owned it, it felt good and right. It felt like I’d finally met up with something in me that was waiting to be met. No apologies, hemming or hawing. It was an acknowledgement that it’s a fact of who I am and it’s time to wear it. Time to take possession of it. It’s time for all of us to own that we are powerful, that we have gifts that we are expected to share and that we must share them.

Owning it is me looking at myself in the mirror as I say my new life’s purpose statement: “I am the witness to the excavation of your brave, shiny soul.” And saying it in a way that feels authentic and unwavering even as it feels new and tender and just a little bit unsure as the words roll off my tongue. Owning it is following through on a creative idea that I hope will bring me some coaching clients but feeling so afraid I wanted to quit many times during the creation of the project. Owning it is putting myself out in the world in a way that might bring ridicule or criticism but knowing that it is something I must do.

Owning it is knowing that some days I will wake up filled with doubt or fear and calling a friend or praying will be the vehicle to help me remember that I am trying to live truer to myself, to honor that which I am brought here to do. Knowing that there is a calling that feels like it is my soul asking for it’s place.

In some cultures, when babies are born, they are named by the gifts they will bring and the jobs they will do within the tribe. What if this were the case in your own life? What if who you were meant to be was there all along and it is now your job to chip away all the layers that are covering this true self? What if this is what is being asked of each of us as we see and feel what is happening in the world right now?

If ever there was a time for all of us to own it in our individual lives, it is NOW. NOW. NOW. Claim what you have to share. Wear it like an old favorite coat. Step into yourself in that way you may have only dared to imagine in your most private, moments of longing and desire. There is nothing stopping you my love. Nothing except yourself.

I am owning, little by little, step by step, that I am a conglomeration of cells brought together to make me, me and this is divine. As it is with you. To own this is to know that what I bring is needed. My desire to make the world a better place through my coaching work is one of the reasons I was born. What is your reason? Shall we stand together and revel in the glory of each of us uncovering who we are meant to be and then stand side by side as our collective strength grows and becomes a force for good?

Are you courageous enough to uncover that which is asking to be brought forth? For some, just the act of getting out of bed in the morning is brave. Being brave for others might be doing acts that some of us could never imagine doing. Wherever you land on this spectrum, the point is to do that thing that will bring you into your fullest self. Do the thing that uncovers your brave, shiny soul. You deserve it and the world desperately needs you to be that person. The world needs you to own the amazingly gifted soul that is you. We are all waiting dear one so please, please bring yourself forward…..




  1. Eve says:

    Beautiful. Maybe it’s this stage of life but I feel that’s who I’d like to be… and know how much I’ve wasted not being grateful for what I’ve been given and make good use of what I can do.

    • lisa says:

      I just this minute saw your comment. So sorry it took so long. You can be anything. You can do anything. No matter your age. You have exactly what it takes…. go for it.

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